Sunday, February 5, 2012

ducks haven

My backyard with dogs and ducks in scale 1:12 made in a fishtank 60 x 40 cm.

I wanted to make a place for my 1:12 dogs to sit in. Dogs are by Dolores van den Akker.
The collie died years ago. That is the beauty of 1:12, you can bring your dog back alife and have him play with the dogs you still have, same with your ducks ;0)
I still need to make some more of my full size ducks in miniature in time. I want to make lots of birds for this project also etc. etc.

the empty aquarium

the pond is done in a hole made in material
used for cushions...

need to make some bread

I knitted granddad's sweater  and the little girl's duck outfit


  1. Have you done beautiful diorama. It's great idea with this aquarium.

  2. Hoi Wilga,

    Wat is je tuinscene prachtig geworden! Ben er helemaal weg van.
    Ook je nieuwste 1:1 babypakje is erg leuk.

    Liefs Rudy